Larry Torres Car

Sometimes, thinking outside the box allows for technical superiority. A little more rocker arm ratio in the right application will open the valve just that much more cheating the cam into thinking it is somewhat bigger than it truly is. T&D Machine Products not only manufactures the finest shaft-mount roller rocker arm systems in the industry, regardless of engine type or racing series, but constantly helps engine builders coax that next bit of horsepower out of a combination supposedly at its limit. Read More...

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T&D Steel Rocker

It is no secret why T&D Machine Products builds a better product. Simply stated, T&D relies on racers who understand what racers want and need – a rocker arm that withstands the abuse racing dishes out.

The best engine builders in all forms of racing trust that when they bolt-on a set of T&D shaft-mount roller rockers, their valve train worries are over.

And, when engine builders, racers and crewchiefs become aquainted with T&D shaft-mount roller rocker arms, they wonder why they haven’t had them all along.

But don’t trust us, ask them.

T&D Machine Products has been manufacturing specialized components for racing since 1975. In the early 1980s T&D was called upon to develop valve train components for Buick’s V-6 engine program. T&D founder and president Larry Tores, a many time NHRA event winner, and other competitors proved the merit of the firm’s shaft rocker arm systems. Download catalog

Once again, T&D Machine Products will be available at the major trade shows, not only displaying the latest in shaft-mount roller rocker technology, but onsite for your questions, comments and bench racing. Read More...